It’s hard to drive past a giant billboard without taking a look! This is precisely why many of our customers find them to be a great way to introduce a business, highlight a new service or product or to announce a special event or sale to a large audience. One thing to keep in mind when ordering a billboard is that billboards are viewed at high speeds, so keeping them as simple and straight to the point as possible will make them the most effective!

When providing you with a quote, we will be able to provide the most accurate quote if we know the size of the billboard and estimated life of the billboard. That way we can quote the appropriate materials to keep your business looking great!

As with all of our products, if you require artwork for your billboard, look no further! We have a skilled on site Graphic Designer to custom design an effective & attractive design for you.


There are many options to consider when deciding how you would like to create an effective and attractive store front. The best way to narrow this decision down is to look at the features your location already has. For example, if you have a large picture window, you may want to consider vinyl window lettering or frosting. If you have a nice size wall, you may want to go with a sign instead. Here is a simple explanation of some options we offer:

Lightboxes – A light box is a sign is most commonly a box with lighting inside and a plexi-glass face with your image or text on it.

3D Lettering & Graphics – Cut from dense sign foam, we can create your business name or logo and mount it to your store front for a clean, modern finish.

Vinyl Lettering & Graphics – Vinyl can be applied to any smooth, non-porous surface. Once it is applied it has the appearance of being painted on, but will hold up against the elements far longer than any paint. Vinyl looks great on windows!

Perforated Vinyl Graphics – This option is ideal for when you want a little privacy for you customers. You can fill your windows with a colourful full-print graphic and still be able to see out from inside!

Alupanel Signs – We can create whatever size or shape you would like! Alupanel is an exceptional product and is sweeping the sign industry. It made from two thin alupanel sheets that sandwich a plastic composite. The result is a durable, lightweight material that will not warp, can be easily cut to custom shapes and mounted.

As with all of our products, if you require artwork or a complete design, look no further! We have a skilled on site Graphic Designer to custom design an effective and attractive design for you.

Parking Signs

We offer a wide range of parking signs, that includes handicap parking signs, reserved parking signs, parking lot signs and custom parking signs for schools, churches, offices or anywhere else where parking signs are requi­­red. To fit your needs we can customize any design from the most aggressive Tow-Away signs to those that use a softer, community-oriented approach. Here are some samples of our most popular designs. Don’t see what you looking for? Not a problem! Just ask!

Custom Signs

We create custom signs of all shapes & sizes. They make great gifts! Come in and have a chat with our designer to create a one of a kind!


Sign frames are a convenient way to professionally display your signage. Our frames are portable, durable and reusable! Here are some of our most popular frames.

Metal Spike Frames – Made from durable metal, these frames are great for long term or temporary use, such as real estate or event signage. They spike into the ground, for easy setup and a double sided sign slides into place. Our frames hold a sign 32” w x 24” h.

Metal A-frames – This style frame is perfect for special events. It holds two signs. We offer 3 sizes: 24”w x 36”h, 32”w x 24”h and 24”w x 18”h.

Recycled Plastic A-frames – This style frame is lightweight and durable. It holds two signs 22”w x 28”h.

H-Wire Stands – These are an affordable option for mounting corrugated plastic lawn signs. Simply spike the wires into the corrugated slots of your sign and stick into the ground. Simple!

If the frames above are not the right size for your needs, don’t worry! We build custom frames to suit.

Vehicle Graphics

In our line of work, it’s all about custom! If you can dream it up, we can make it. Our customers tell us, that one of the most successful means of getting your businesses name out there, is by advertising on your vehicle. Essentially you are converting your vehicle into a moving billboard! Here are some of the different ways to put graphics on your vehicle.

Vinyl Lettering & Graphics – Having your business name, contact info and logo on your vehicle is a simple and cost effective way to get your name out there! To get a custom quote, we will need to know make & model of your vehicle and rough description of what you would like on your vehicle. Simple!

Wraps - Wrap advertising is an attractive and bold advertising technique of completely or partially covering a vehicle in an advertisement. This is accomplished by applying full colour printed vinyl to your vehicle. Any vehicle can be wrapped. We work with our customers from design to installation. All our wraps are laminated for UV protection. If you plan to resell your vehicle, don’t worry! Your wrap is completely removable and will not damage your paint. In fact it will help to protect your vehicle from nicks and scratches! Call for a quote. We can provide estimates based on make and model of your vehicle!

Boats Names & More – We make all sorts of boat names. We can put your idea into reality! In addition we can create graphics for just about anything. Come in for a chat to discuss your idea. We can recreate antique decals for your restorations projects for any vehicle. We also make boat and sled registration numbers…You think it, we can make it!


Banners & Displays are excellent for special events or trade shows. They create instant impact and can be rollup and stored away easily and conveniently. Here are some of our most popular models:

Pullup Banners – This is a hot seller! This retractable banner is stored away in the base and can be quickly erected for an instant, clean, professional & attractive display. Included is a padded carrying case. These are very popular for trade shows or other indoor events!

Multi-Use Banner Stands – This stand is very versatile. It folds down and can be adjusted in almost every way to hold your banner in just the right position. It can even hold both vertical and horizontal banners. Completely reusable, your banner simply hooks into place. Gone are the days of sagging, droopy banners!

Wall Display – This fully collapsible display is the crème de la crème of trade show displays! Panels are magnetically attached to a fold out frame for quick and easy setup and take down. Add lights to really make an impact!

As with all of our products, if you require artwork for your banner or display, look no further! We have a skilled on site Graphic Designer to custom design an effective & attractive design for you.